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Hauptbahnhof Nord, Kassel 15:38 - Hauptbahnhof, Kassel 15:39 - Scheidemannplatz, Kassel 15:40 - Königsplatz/Mauerstraße, Kassel 15:42 - Am Stern, Kassel 15:44 - Altmarkt/Regierungspräsidium, Kassel 15:46 - Unterneustädter Kirchplatz, Kassel 15:47 - Platz der Deutschen Einheit, Kassel 15:49 - Söhrestraße, Kassel 15:51 - Hermann-Bücher-Straße, Kassel 15:52.The exhibition building itself was..
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Hay day bonus items

I didnt know even the silo and field figures I should have for a successful wheating.
Again, expand you silo at first place.The animal eats and falls asleep (it can run a short circle sometimes).My favourites are cherries: not as widespread as apples, not as slow as cacao.Obviously, wheating gewinne lotto plus generates tons of wheat, and does it extremely quickly.Unlike mystery boxes or wheel of fortune that ignore barns capacity limit, wheating will not generate you your supply item when theres no space in the barn to store.Thats it for our 6 simple Hay Day tips, we hope you found them useful.And the trick is that they are not popular among forum traders; I believe everyone has a bunch.Anything else to say?It wakes up and generates XP points and one supply material.To try hard and save every second or to harvest when it harvests, to manage own farm or to look for mystery boxes at other ones, to have 1 of each crop in silo or to maintain sustainable minimum for machines, to spend diamonds.They do ask for tools and explosives, but only when those are #1 and 2 in your barn.Same as for wheating, a player should have at leas one free space (better two) before waking the pets.The animal is hungry and stares at its empty dish or rack.Make sure your silo stores at least one of each crop, fruit, and berry.

So, its in players interest to limit the number of goods little people ask for to the number of four, and to half your volume of wheat (approximately) every fourth time they come.This observation can be wrong.I didnt know about little people management and ad dummies, about usefulness of friends.If there were a trader at this forum, who daily, 3 times in a day would exchange 6 milk for nail, or marker stake, or sometimes both, that guy shouldve had hundreds of friend requests!Read more to find out why.If you dont have an axe, it wont be requested.If you have 30 wheat, they can come after.I had no friends that time (meaning just standard 6 slots in my shop I had a small field and even smaller silo.Axes are scarce, but saws Once Ive managed to accumulate 70 saws!Exceptions: they never ask for animal feed, ores, bars, and jewelry, as well as barn, silo, and land expansion items.Your Buddy Greg, in classic Social Game fashion, even the computer is your friend and wants to help you.So, wheating is the process of repeated planting and harvesting of as much wheat as you can.Mechanics is the same: you feed pets once in 6 hours, and they generate you supply materials.Same works for barn.Keep one or two slots to your far right wheat-free: one you need for ad dummy, another can be used for trading.Next, get rid of all other crops, but 1 unit of each.
Dont concentrate on barn expansion items only.
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