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If unspecified, the description from global section is automatically used instead.
For this reason, it is not recommended to use this option when not absolutely needed.
If no condition is set on the action, it is simply performed unconditionally.
"set-log-level" is used to change the log level of the current request when a certain condition is met.port is an optional port specification.Hdr(X-Add-Acl-Key) if key friends bonus disc add http-request del-acl(t) req.A session is a connection that was accepted by the layer 4 rules.Haproxy_server_maxconn The server max connections.It is a recommended practice to use the first set of counters for the per-frontend counters and the second set for the per-backend ones.Each option may be followed by if/unless and acl.Note that this has no impact on responses which are maintained to the same server consecutively to a 401 response.
A health check response will be considered valid if the response's buffer contains this exact string.
The instance will still be created and its configuration will be checked, but it will be created in the "stopped" state and will appear as such in the statistics.

Main use of this keyword is to prevent sensitive information leak and to block the response before it reaches the client.Example : listen tse-farm bind :3389 # wait up to 5s for an RDP cookie in the request tcp-request inspect-delay 5s tcp-request content accept if RDP_cookie # apply RDP cookie persistence persist rdp-cookie # if server is unknown, let's balance on the same cookie.May be used in sections : defaults frontend listen backend no yes yes yes, example: acl invalid_src src /7 /3 acl invalid_src src_port 0:1023 acl local_dst hdr(host) -i localhost, see section 7 about ACL usage.The admin level allows to enable/disable servers from the web interface.Sc_http_req_rate ( ctr, table ) : integer sc0_http_req_rate ( table ) : integer sc1_http_req_rate ( table ) : integer sc2_http_req_rate ( table ) : integer Returns the average rate of http requests from the currently tracked counters, measured in amount of requests over the period.bytes_out_cnt : server to client byte count.After a farm size change).Transfer-Encoding (RFC7230.3.1) is only supported in the first chunk.This can happen in lossy networks where firewalls are present, and is detected by the presence of large amounts of sessions in a FIN_wait state.Of course, it requires having " retries " set to a nonzero value.By default, unless the "indirect" option is added, the server will see the cookies emitted by the client.
The status 500 will be reported in the logs, but the completion flags will indicate "PT".
Stats stats refresh 5s See also : " stats enable " stats realm " stats scope " stats uri " stats enable Enable statistics reporting with default settings May be used in sections : defaults frontend listen backend yes yes yes yes Arguments : none.